How to Keep your Mining Rig Cool [ Easy To Apply ]

How to Keep your Mining Rig Cool

The hardware assembly of your mining rig hardly makes a difference. Irrespective of GPU or ASIC used in your mining rig, the fact remains persistent that it requires considerable maintenance.

Failing to maintain it all of your hard work will eventually go in vain thereby increasing the additional cost of changing various hardware components; period.

Durability is an important characteristic, and when it comes to mining, you want your rig to be durable over long periods of time. At least a minimum of 3 years. It is preferable if the hardware components of your mining rig can last a minimum of 3 years thus, ensuring that you have earned good profits from them before their absolute deterioration.

The fact that maintenance is one of the key aspects of mining cannot be discarded at any cost.

Thus, maintaining your mining rig is an absolute and mandatory requirement. If you are also one of those lazy chaps, we suggest you spend your saved money in cryptocurrency investments then in building a mining rig.

Lacking the motivation for adequate maintenance of your mining rigs should be one of the most significant reasons for you not to consider making mining rigs. Because that certainly would be mean wastage of your hard earned money.

Provided that you are familiar with principles of cryptocurrency mining, you must focus your attention on the maintenance of your mining rigs once your mining hardware is up and running.

There are a lot of useful tips and tricks which can help you tune up the performance of your mining hardware for better cryptocurrency mining.

However, these tricks are more viewed as tweaks and changes to the already existing settings of your hardware. Performing such tune-ups may as well void all kinds of warranty which your system might enjoy.

Since GPUs and ASICs are susceptible electronic devices, we always suggest that you still proceed with caution.

How to keep a mining rig cool?

Mining is the process of verifying transactions to create new tokens by adding those transactions to the blockchain.

For validating and processing the transaction, cryptocurrency miners are required to solve some computational puzzles of extreme intensity and high complexity.

Solving such problems requires an immense level of mathematical computations thereby working up all the cores of the processor.

The heavy running of the processors, in turn, heats up the hardware components such as the motherboard, GPUs, and various chipsets pretty fast.

Thus, it can be easily proposed that you need to ensure proper temperature control if you are using high-end mining rigs which use 6, 8 or 10 GPUs for cryptocurrency mining.

Apart from temperature control, heat dissipation is of equal importance when operating a miner. Not being able to maintain the temperature and heat dissipation will only result in damaging the hardware components of your mining rig.

Moreover, the damage caused can be as severe as replacing all the hardware components of your mining rig.

A good miner must always hold a steady temperature of 60-70 °C. Follow the below steps to efficiently cool your miners and keep your miner’s heat in check.

Best Methods to Cool Mining Rig

As mentioned, the temperature control and the heat dissipation of your miner are quintessential when it comes to cryptocurrency mining.

While the need for the same is necessary, the magnitude often differs based on the mining requirements, number of GPUs used, the area where the mining rig is kept and other factors.

For those who follow cryptocurrency mining as a hobby don’t require critical cooling techniques. The reason is quite simple.

Most hobbyists use GPU mining rigs over ASIC ones which are pocket-friendly and hence, consumes less energy and power as compared to other rigs. The mining rigs built by these hobbyists are often newbie friendly and can be easily kept cool use inexpensive tools.

1) Superficial Approach

Attaching an Open Rack

The easiest and the simplest way to go about cooling a primary GPU mining rig is to install an open rack to it. Open-air racks can be bought at cost-effective prices from various vendors and online shopping sites like Amazon.

Not only are these racks cheap but they also prove to be a great addition to your system for increasing the durability and life-span of your hardware components. One can also make an open-air rack at home without many hardships.

Choice of Appropriate Area

Selection of the area where you place your mining rig can be a crucial factor for economical cooling of your mining hardware. Experts and professionals alike often advocate against placing the mining rig in a tightly cramped up area.

The best choice thus is to keep your mining equipment in an open area which has an appropriated inlet for air and light. The places often suggested for establishing your miner base are open garages, shades or backyards. Hence, you can rely on the nature to keep your mining rig cool properly.

Fans and Ventilation

While it is preferable to place your mining rig in an open area, it is not mandatory. In that case, the question arises how to ensure the cooling of your mining rig in enclosed places. It is effortless. Even if it is an enclosed area, care must be taken that the area is ventilated with a proper mechanism for inflow of air.

Cooling can be easily achieved by placing mining rigs in rooms or places with huge windows on either side. Thus, allowing the cold air to replace the warm air.

Apart from windows, one can also opt for cooling fans. The cooling fans can be installed into the same room with the mining rig to ensure the ventilation of the room. For efficient results, you can use exhaust fans to suck the warm air out and ordinary fans to provide entry for more cooling streams of air.

Mining Rig Placement

Placement of the mining rig plays a significant role in the cooling of the mining hardware. Always remember the scientific principle of gases; the warm air is always lighter than cold air. Meaning, the warm air will always tend to go up.

Therefore, the cold air will always fill the vacuum created by the warm air. With this principle, you can place that mining rig on the ground in such way that warm air can easily escape from the mining rig and is quickly replaced by cold air resulting in efficient and faster cooling of your mining rig.

2) Technical Approach

Superficial methods of cooling your mining are inexpensive and robust.

However, depending on the number of GPUs fitted in your mining rig, it might be difficult to get the precise cooling control needed for your mining rig. In such an event you must get ready to get your hands dirty.

After trying every economic technique, you must now dive right into the technical specifics of your mining hardware to keep the mining rig cool.

With the technical approach for cooling, you will need to perform some of the delicate operations and sensitive hardware tweaks to cool your mining rig.

One thing you will need the most is the graphical GPU control dashboard. Once installed on your system, it is mainly used to perform some fine tunings of the hardware components.

Overclocking is the Best Bet

Once you have installed the necessary tools viz. graphical GPU control dashboard you can fine tune the GPU settings to optimize its cooling and heat dissipation by managing the power settings of the processing unit. Cooling of mining rig is achieved by overclocking the processor.

Firstly, you need to set a goal frequency when you are planning to overclock the processor. The best method to do so is to input different frequency values and apply the settings. Conduct stress testing by steadily increasing the clock frequency every time. Persistently repeat the process until you observe weird behavior on your screen. The weirdness can be attributed to the crash of your graphics driver. After this phenomenon, perform a system restart.

Running your mining rig by overclocking the frequency should help you cool down the mining rig. However, if the problem remains, lower the rate to a more stable value.

Lowering the Core Voltage

Overclocking is probably beneficial, but it is quite risky as it involves stress testing your mining hardware to determine its limits. If you are willing to skip the same, it is entirely understandable. Moreover, there is an alternative for the same as well.

Apart from overclocking, you can also try to under volt the GPUs on your mining hardware to reduce the power consumption thereby cooling your miner.

But reducing the GPU core voltage can be risky as it requires precise settings. As per experts and professionals reducing the voltage can help you reduce the temperature and heat dissipation by 10%.

To modify the voltage settings, you should unlock the same in the utility you are currently using. For starters try putting a value of 5mV less than the original mentioned. Observe for any glitches or crash.

If nothing happens, then try lowering the voltage to conduct stress testing. Keep reducing the voltage by a factor of 5 until your system goes awry and unstable.

Once you determine the exact voltage, you will notice the GPUs run cooler as compared to earlier. However, do note not to over-volt as it might fry up your GPU core with seconds. Hence, it is
advised that you proceed with caution.

How to Keep Your ASIC Mining Rig Cool?

For all those professional and hardcore cryptocurrency miners whose mining rigs are built with ASIC, it is paramount to keep the miners cool.

ASIC miners are specialized circuits built exclusively for cryptocurrency mining. Hence, ASIC miners have a reputation for running very hot even with the presence of its powerful fans.

Thus, to ensure cooling of ASIC miners, one needs to perform special arrangements. Some of the best methods for cooling ASIC miners are.

1) Keep ASIC in Ventilation

Due to the amount of heat dissipation, it is often preferred and suggested to keep the ASIC miners in a well-ventilated room. If possible, the place should also comprise of air-conditioning or air-cooling system and exit vents.

In addition to them, exhaust fans must also be placed in the room to suck out the warm air in the top sections of the room. Strategic placements of air- conditioners, exit vents/windows, and exhaust fans will help increase the cooling for ASIC miners.

2) Smaller Room

ASIC miners can be placed in small rooms which are not enclosed. Preferably small rooms with an open top or roofless establishments like backyards which provide sufficient place for an exit of warm air generated by the ASIC mining hardware.

3) Liquid Cooling

If none of the above methods serve your purpose, you can go a step further by buying some immersing cooling enclosures. Immersing cooling enclosures submerges the electrical hardware components in a dielectric bath of liquids for heat transfer.

The liquids used are better conductors of heat and electricity than air, oil or water. Thus, you can submerge your ASIC mining rig in such enclosures and heat is transferred to the specialized fluids which then escapes by the mode of vapors.

The specialized fluids have various low boiling points. When the heat in the rig increase, the fluids start boiling on the surface of the heat generating components taking care of the heat transfer almost instantly and eventually vaporize reducing the amount of heat from the hardware components.

Mostly, the immersion cooling enclosures consist of condenser system on the lid which cools down the vapor. The liquid then falls back into the pool again without any wastage. One of the most effective fluids used in immersion cooling of ASIC miners is the 3M Novec Engineered Fluid.

3) Cold Weather Place

One of the other popular tricks which can be witnessed as trending is hosting your ASIC mining rigs in the Northern Hemisphere. Northern is engulfed in winter, and the cold weather plays an exceptionally brilliant role in keeping your miners cool.

Various professionals build their ASIC mining rigs and get their rigs hosted across multiple data centers in the North. You can strike deals with miner from the north and have them host your ASIC mining rig.

While they may choose to charge you, it is still economically feasible. The charges can be deemed as nominal and the significant part of maintenance if lifted from your shoulders. Hence, it can be determined as a win-win situation for everyone.

Moreover, you are still the rightful owner of your mining rig and can have transferred back to you whenever needed.

How to Clean Your Mining Rig?

One of the messiest things about owning a mining rig is cleaning it. But it must be carried out at least periodically. It is suggested to clean your mining rig on a 2-month basis periodically for better performance and shelf-life.

However, do make sure that all cables are unplugged when you clean your mining rig. Also, wear antistatic bracelets for additional safety and clean one component at a time.

Some of the best practices for cleaning your mining rig can be found as below.

  • Avoid vacuum cleaners for cleaning your mining rig. Not only are they completely useless but they also are incapable of cleaning the rig appropriately. Plus, vacuum cleaners can even end up frying your mining hardware which is something which should be avoided at all costs. The plastic tips of vacuum cleaner generate static charges which might prove fatal to your mining rig. While there are vacuum cleaners specially designed to clean mining rigs, they are anything but economical.
  • Hence, the best way to clean your mining rig is with a blower. Air blowers are not only cost-effective, but they can clean your mining rig in the best possible manner. Once can get inexpensive handheld air blowers from recognizable brands like Bosch and Morphy Richards.
  • If you don’t mind spending a little more, it is suggested to buy a large compressor. For adventurous miners, these compressors reduce the risk of face condensation which might accidentally damage the mining rig by the short bursts of the air blower.
  • Apart from blowers and compressors, you can also choose to buy canned air dusters which spray air in short bursts and won’t cause face condensation.
  • For dust patches which refuse to budge it is preferred to use rubbing alcohol as it will easily wipe away the dirt and dust particles.
  • You can even clean the mining rig and the open rack using a rag without any issue. However, ensure that you can remove all the hardware components before the same.

How to Maintain Your Mining Rig?

Maintenance of a mining rig can be a tedious process, but it is a necessary evil. Maintaining your mining rig isn’t only about cleaning or keeping it cool. It goes way beyond than those things.

Maintaining your mining rig is also about supporting the hardware components, the area, and the mining software.

As discussed always clean your mining rig once every two months to keep it tidy. Not only does it help in the appealing department but it can also help you keep the mining rig efficiently cool. Often dust particles lodged inside the mining hardware behave like insulators. Thus, your mining rig ends up running extremely hot.

Moreover, you can also install dust filters in the ventilation system for trapping the particles thereby reducing the cleaning needs for your mining rig significantly and also increasing the cooling efficiency of your mining hardware.

Always pay attention to the room where the miner is placed as well. Make sure that it is clean and well-ventilated for better efficiency and longevity.

Do note that if it’s been while using your rig, then you must change the thermal paste and the grease.

These days you can quickly take apart your GPUs and apply the new thermal compound without any difficulty. However, you might have to use a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove the leftover residue from the dried out thermal paste.

Another thing to be considered in the maintenance of your mining rig is the mining software. Taking care of the mining system and the software is critical.

Always keep track of the updates and programs to boost the performance. Keep the drivers updated for optimal uses and be wary of the malware programs.

Keep the mining software updated continuously and free of any bugs or viruses. Furthermore, keep a brief record of any issues exhibited by the mining system.

A warning to bear in mind is not to ever run the GPU fans at the max RPM as it will severely reduce the life expectancy of the GPU.

In most miners, the GPU fans are the first hardware components to perish. Keeping the RPM under 65-70% with proper temperature control will help you get adequate rewards out of the mining hardware.

How to Noticeably Increase Your Rigs Lifespan?

Aiming to have a mining rig which can last three years is not ridiculous at all. However, you might need to be very dedicated to achieving it. Abide by the various tips in the to keep you mining rig cool and control the temperature for increase expectancy of your mining rig.

As per as statistics following the steps above carefully will help your mining system stay clean in a slightly dust free environment with a rig that runs at 65°C. Hence, reducing the heavy-duty wear and tear of your mining system.

In turn, providing you with a reliable system which shall run for years. But since electronic devices are susceptible, they are bound to fail any time without any prior notice.


The tips and tricks mentioned in this guide have statistically proven to increase the shelf-life of various mining rigs. Even you will find notable differences after carefully following the techniques and the methods mentioned above.

But also be careful and cautious when implementing the tune-up settings and other cleaning methods for better results. With the aforementioned methods, you can keep your mining cool and be running.

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