What Are Best GPU Mining Motherboards [The Ultimate Guide]

best gpu mining motherboards

Several mining motherboards are readily available in the market. However, choosing the right GPU mining motherboards can be a quite tough task.

The difficulty also lies in selecting the best place where you can find the GPU mining motherboards at affordable and discounted rates.

GPU motherboards are extensively connected to multiple GPUs to facilitate better mining and adequate performance.

Choosing the right GPU Mining Motherboard

Identifying the right set of mining motherboard as per as your requirement can be quite tedious, especially without having a proper guide to compare the available mining motherboards and determine the best. Various motherboards have varying support for the number of GPUs which can be attached.

Thus, choosing a motherboard is more about your requirement and necessity than performance and power.

Depending on the number of GPUs you will be using for cryptocurrency mining, you must choose a motherboard which will support the number of GPUs you are planning to utilize.

Suppose you plan to build a 6 GPU mining rig you must buy a motherboard with 6 PCIe slots.

List of my favourite GPU Mining Motherboards

But worry no more as we have cataloged and devised a good list of some of the top GPU mining motherboards with an exclusive mention of the various types of Graphics cards supported by each one of them.

Read the below list to identify the some top GPU mining motherboards available in the market.

13 GPU ASRock H110 PRO BTC LGA 1151 DDR4

Best GPU Mining Motherboards

Developed by ASRock, this is one of the most excellent GPU mining motherboards available today.

This motherboard is ideally suited for Ethereum mining and supports up to 13 GPUs at a time. Thus, you can build a 13 GPU Ethereum mining rig with the ASRock H110 PRO mining motherboard and mine any cryptocurrency.

Professionals and experts have gone ahead and built powerful 13 GPU Zcash and Ethereum mining rigs using ASRock H110 PRO, and therefore, it is undoubtedly the best GPU mining motherboards available in the market.

  • Supported Graphics Cards

Moreover, the motherboard supports DDR4 RAM. Furthermore, the ASRock H110 PRO BTC LGA 1151 motherboard perfectly supports Graphics cards from both, AMD & NVIDIA.

  • Supported Processors

The BTC+ motherboard from ASRock wholly endorses the Intel Processor. It is, however, suggested that you use Pentium or Celeron processor for mining in order to save your investment.

  • Supported Operating Systems

While you can add all the 13 GPU on the ASRock H110 Pro, there is one catch. On running Windows OS, the OS might not recognize all the attached GPUs.

In addition, the OS might not run all the GPUs or at least not run the GPUs at full efficiency. This problem can be easily solved with Linux. Also, Linux is a good option often preferred by experts for mining without having to invest in an OS.

Flexibility is another thing which you get the benefit of with ASRockH110 PRO as it allows you to combine GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA on the motherboard.

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6 GPU ASRock ATX 1066 LGA 1150 H81 PRO BTC

GPU mining

If you are planning to start GPU mining with a 6 GPU mining rig, then ASRock 1066 LGA 1150 H81 is the perfect choice for you.

Using this motherboard, you can assemble and build the best Ethereum mining rig for yourself.

  • Supported Graphics Cards

Furthermore, this motherboard can handle any graphics cards you throw at it, be it AMD or NVIDIA.

You can even build any Ethereum Mining Rig with this motherboard using a combination of different graphics card types such as NVIDIA 1070 and the AMD Rx 470.

ASRock 1066 LGA 1150 H81 is often recommended for beginner miners as it is cheap and readily available.

  • Supported Processors

It also supports the DDR3 RAM type which shouldn’t be a problem as you can easily go with the Intel Processors. The move is not only beneficial but also healthy. Besides 4GB DDR3, you can also opt for 8GB DDR3 RAM.

The motherboard allows you to attach all the 6 GPUs without losing any margin on the efficiency and offers full support to all the graphics drivers.

  • Supported Operating systems

Moreover, the motherboard can also be used with Windows as the OS detected and processed all the 6 GPUs without any problems.

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7 GPU Gigabyte LGA1151 GA-Z170X- GAMING 6p

Best gpu mining motherboard

For building a 7 GPU rig, you can efficiently use this Gigabyte motherboard. While this motherboard was developed initially for a gaming purpose, it has picked up popularity in terms of GPU mining in the recent times.

Hence, the best part about this motherboard is to you can easily build a 6 GPU Ethereum mining rig and increase the performance and efficiency of the same by adding a 7th GPU later on.

  • Supported Processors

The motherboard exclusively supports DDR4 RAM type and is said to work perfectly with the Intel Processors.

This Gigabyte motherboard does cost a few bucks more than any other previously mentioned motherboards, but the marquee point is that the motherboard has been rated high in regards with the GPU mining by the professionals and users from various mining communities.

Besides an excellent and aesthetic design, the motherboard packed some heavy firepower and built to offer quality performance and efficiency for mining.

  • Supported Graphics Cards and Operating Systems

The motherboard runs both AMD and NVIDIA graphics card awesomely and fully supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

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6 GPU MSI Pro Series Z270 USB 3 CrossFire ATX

GPU Mining

Following the aforementioned list of best GPU mining motherboards, if you are running out of a sturdy 6 GPU mining motherboard you can opt for the 6 GPU MSI Pro series to fill in the void. Deemed as one of the best 6 GPU mining motherboards of 2017, the MSI Pro series motherboards are popular amongst professionals and expert miners.

Moreover, using MSI Pro series motherboard, you can rest assured that you will never encounter issues related to mining.

The motherboard is easily available and can be bought build some of the best 6 GPU mining rigs. The installation is pretty simple, and the driver support is quite extensive.

Hence, setting up and installing the motherboard is straightforward and doesn’t require any expertise.

  • Supported Graphics Cards

Thus, even beginners can take advantage of the same. Besides the ease of setting up, the motherboard supports AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards proficiently.

It is a good alternative for ASRock Motherboard ATX 1066 LGA 1150 H81 PRO BTC and the excessive demand and the increasing competition in the mining marketing has made those motherboards to go out of stock.

This motherboard can be used to mine a different variety of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, etc.

  • Supported Processors

The mining motherboard by MSI PRO series also supports DDR4 RAM & Intel Processor.

  • Supported Operating Systems

The GPUs attached to the motherboard can be detected and run at their full efficiency with Windows and Linux both.

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GPU mining motherboard

Biostar TB250 BTC PRO is another good motherboard for GPU mining which has garnered some fame.

Designed to hop up to 12 GPUs, this motherboard is considered one of the best GPU mining motherboards for Ethereum.

The appearance of this motherboard might not appeal much to you, but it packs a stellar power and performance with the primary focus on efficient mining.

  • Supported Processors

The motherboard readily supports DDR4 RAM and can be smoothly run on Intel Processors.

  • Supported Graphics Cards

Just like all the other powerful motherboards in the list, the Biostar also pledges support to AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards and fit your budget perfectly.

  • Supported Operating Systems

However, it does have the same issue as the ASRock H1150 Pro where in Windows operating systems fails to detect multiple GPUs and thus, it is suggested to use Linux in order to take the full advantage of all attached GPUs.

If you are against using Linux then, you can apply some fixes and patches to your Windows OS to detect and run all the 12 GPUs at their best efficiency.

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Best GPU mining

One of the things you learn while building mining rigs is that there so many motherboards to choose from. While some are incredibly cheap and can comfortably fit your wallet, there are some which are extremely pricey.

The 8 GPU motherboard from Asus, the Rog Striz Z270E is one of those expensive motherboards designed initially for gaming.

Since it was intended for gaming, it lies on the expensive side of the pricing bracket in this list. The motherboard costs around $150 as opposed to other motherboards which can be bought cheaply for $60-$90.

  • Supported Graphics Cards

Moreover, the 7 GPU PCIe enables the motherboard to support 8 GPU mining easily by combining graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD or using them separately.

The 7 PCIe slots available on the Asus Rog Strix can be used to connect seven graphics cards but to connect an eight graphics card, you must separately buy an m.2 PCIe extender.

The extender consists of 2 slots where one can be used to connect one graphics card, and the other can be used for PCIe SSD.

  • Supported Processors

This motherboard also supports Intel processors, and however, for optimum efficiency, it is advised to use Celeron or Pentium Intel processors.

The motherboard also extends exclusive support for DDR4 RAM type and is a good motherboard for mining purpose. There are no problems associated with the motherboard apart from its high-end cost.

  • Supported Operating Systems

The motherboard can be used with Windows as well as Linux operating for cryptocurrency mining without having to compromise on the efficiency.

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As stated earlier, different motherboards have different sustainability and thus, support different capacity for holding the different number of GPU’s. While some enable 6 PCIe slots to connect 6, GPU mining others come designed with the various slots such as 7, 12, 13, etc. to support mining using a number of GPUs respectively.

However, it is pertinent to remember that a motherboard is the base of your mining rig and it is pivotal for the motherboard to work efficiently to mine better. Thus, it is preferable to buy motherboards with some extra slots depending on the number of GPUs you will be using in your mining rig.

If you are going to build a 6 GPU mining rig, it is advised to buy 7 or 8 PCIe slot motherboard. The reason for having an additional slot is to take care of the scalability of the mining rig in the near future.

Since you may plan to expand your mining rig shortly, the additional slot on your motherboard will save you the hassle of buying an entirely new motherboard as such. Thus, saving your money and time. All the above-listed motherboards are the top GPU Mining motherboards available in the market, moreover, they all are professionally tested and work just fine.

These motherboards are used and preferred by various people in the mining business.

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